A Manhattan based law firm specializing in complex litigation since 2003, Meringolo Law has had the privilege of litigating over 120 cases in the federal courts nationwide, over 40 of which were high profile.  Its proprietor, John Meringolo, has over 100 weeks of federal trial experience in the federal court in addition to authoring 12 appellate briefs for the federal Circuit Courts of Appeals. Notably, on July 26, 2016, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the sentence in United States v. Calabretta, holding that the Career Offender statute was unconstitutionally applied to the defendant.

Presently, the firm represents Deputy Inspector James Grant of the New York Police Department. Grant is the first member of the NYPD to be charged with Honest Services fraud.  On June 20, 2016, John Meringolo was quoted in the New York Times, describing Inspector Grant as “…an exceptional police officer for his entire career. “Also, on July 8, 2016, in the New York Post Meringolo further stated, “Allegations that Mr. Grant violated the police code of conduct do not support a conviction of a federal crime.”

The firm also presently represents John Tognino, in the racketeering conspiracy case, United States v. Parrello. The defendant is alleged to be part of a new syndicate of organized crime families – the La Cosa Nostra East Coast Enterprise. After the firm challenged the validity of such an enterprise in the context of racketeering and quickly filed a motion to dismiss the indictment, on August 19, 2016, The Daily News quoted the brief. “While there is certainly evidence that different organized crime families work together, the families are still considered separate and distinct enterprises.”

Some of the firms white-collar cases have been featured on CNBC’s American Greed, including – United States v. David Brooks, a $190 million insider trading case for which the firm authored all pre-trial motions; United States v. Sal Romano, where the defendant was charged with a $60 million fraud in his sale of vintage coins; and United States v. Sholom Robaskin, a $23 million fraud case to which the firm contributed to the bail memorandum.

The firm contributes to the Pace Law Criminal Blog, writing about relevant federal criminal issues as well as mentoring law students each year.

Meringolo & Muhammad Ali

Meringolo published one other collector’s edition magazine, featuring NFL great Joe Montana, before he packed up his media side gig to focus on criminal defense work and teaching at Pace University and New York Law Schools.

EXCLUSIVE: Mob Lawyer inked contract with Muhammad Ali to publish rare magazine on the boxer

Counselors of Law

John C. Meringolo, Esq.

Mr. Meringolo has career experience in academia, entertainment, law and publishing. Currently, he is the proprietor of Meringolo Law and a Professor of Law at Pace Law School.

Anjelica Cappellino, Esq.

Graduated from New York Law School in 2011. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from St. John’s University in 2008.

Clara Kalhous, Esq.

Graduated from Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University in 2009. She is admitted to the bars of New York (2009), New Jersey (2009), the Southern District of New York (2010), the Eastern District of New York (2010), and the District of New Jersey (2009).

Cross examination of Michael Boemio

Cross examination in United States v. Libous by John C. Meringolo Esq. January 2015

Opening Argument, US v. Gregory Depalma 2006

Defense Table, US v. John Gotti 2010

Defense Table, US v. John Gotti 2009

Joseph D'Angelo. US v. John Gotti 2009

Cross Examination of Joseph D’Angelo. US v. John Gotti 2009

Meringolo’s distinguished legal career has earned him a reputation as an expert in federal criminal practice.  For print only he provides expert commentary the New York Post, the New York Daily News.  On November 26, 2015 he has commented on high-profile cases, such as Speaker of the New York State Assembly Sheldon Silver. “Defense lawyer John Meringolo, part of the team that won John “Junior” Gotti’s fourth and final hung jury, said his experience suggested the juror was holding out…”When there’s chaos in the jury room, it’s always good for the defendant. Statistically, the conviction rate is so high in the federal system, when you have someone willing to take a stand, it means that maybe he’s got a shot.”

On September 17, 2015, the New York Daily News Meringolo gave his expert opinion regarding the trial of Vincent Asaro the alleged mobster charged in the Lufthansa heist portrayed in the motion picture Goodfellas stating: Defense lawyer John Meringolo, who is also an adjunct professor at Pace University Law School, said any prospective juror who has seen the Martin Scorsese classic film should be barred from serving on the panel. “It’s very rare for a crime to be depicted in a movie or a book before the trial is held,” Meringolo told the Daily News, also referring to the book “Wiseguys” by acclaimed journalist Nicholas Pileggi, which inspired the film. Meringolo, who is not involved in the upcoming trial, said the gangland bloodbath depicted in the “Goodfellas” film in the aftermath of the Lufthansa robbery would be highly prejudicial to Asaro because he was not involved with killing any of the members of the crew.”

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